Bluedog provides a range of information technology consulting solutions, including enterprise architecture, solutions design and development, service oriented architecture for the enterprise, mobile applications for iPhone (Objective-C), and Java-based WebObjects web applications. Whether you're a CIO looking to improve your enterprise with SOA, a CTO seeking to design/deliver a mobile solution, or a government contractor looking to increase your workshare at federal agencies, Bluedog is the perfect bluedogging partner!

The Future Begins...Tomorrow! with services:
  • Assist with the development of winning government proposals, using our cloud-based social collaboration platform
  • Improved information technology for the enterprise — with service oriented architecture
  • Mobile and web apps using an agile software development approach
  • Management consulting for lean production and kaizen process improvement

Read more about our company. Bluedog hosts Workbench Always on the Job! software-as-a-service for social collaboration.

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We are beta testing new collaborative document functionality -- creating and editing content with the Workbench Collaborative Document component
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Using a tried-and-true proposal development process yields the best results.
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Public: Get Bluedog's Proposal Planner
Order copies of our government proposal planner / work aid
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Public: CRM with Workbench
Workbench is more than collaboration for project teams -- it supports your business development lifecycle processes.
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Public: Scaling a Web App Takes Forethought
How to Scale a WebObjects App
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