SOA, Portals and Agile. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Agile and Kaizen in our process...

On-demand CMS, CRM, ERP. How does a hosted social collaboration solution get you the benefits of an integrated approach to capturing and leveraging knowledge, connect experts, and improve processes?

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The foundation of Bluedog's technolgies are service oriented architecture priciples, web services built with Java/WebObjects, and a Kaizen approach to agile development in the cloud. Read our founder's latest book, The Zen of SOA, available from book sellers now...


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WORKBENCH "Always on the job!"

Workbench is Bluedog's hosted Social Collaboration solution. It includes wiki, blogs, commenting, enterprise document and content management, scheduling, resource management (human and hard assets), invoicing, time & expense entry for professional services automation, knowledge management, performance tracking via a project dashboard, analytical reporting for Earned Value Management and Balanced Scorecard, and web services integration.

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About Bluedog

BLUEDOG builds enterprise solutions quickly, creatively, and cost-effectively. We are the makers of Workbench "Always on the Job!" social collaboration software-as-a-service (SAAS) platform for the enterprise.

The Bluedog crew are experts in the cloud, services-oriented architecture, web services / J2EE web application development, iPhone/iPad and portals to web-enable your organization.

Our team of expert Java/WebObjects developers, portal technologists, and solutions architects apply an agile approach to rapidly build information systems.

Our offices are in suburban Washington, DC and Dublin, Ireland, and we maintain data centers in the U.S. and E.U.


Tom Termini, our founder and one of Bluedog's Managing Directors writes about the Zen of SOA, the Tao of the Cloud, how software-as-service can boost productivity while lowering costs, and more...



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